Nebraska and Colorado Day 2

Hi again,

Today was more of a driving day, but I did get to see a few nice birds from the car.  The best part about today was the snow!  Winter storm Argos swept through western Nebraska,  so snow was plentiful. It was a slow day birding wise, but I did get a Nebraska Lifer, the ROUGH-LEGGED HAWK, on the drive. As we approached Colorado, SNOW GEESE appeared in the sky in the thousands.

Snow and Ross's Geese

Snow and Ross's Geese

Going 70 mph on the highway, I had my camera pointed out the window photographing them. Overall after looking through binoculars, I estimated one flock had 5,000 SNOW GEESE and 1,000 ROSS'S GEESE.

Snow and Ross's Geese

Snow and Ross's Geese

We came upon a flock of about 50 Mallards and Canvasbacks. A few Canada Geese were seen, but not in as high of numbers as the Snow Geese had been. Cackling Geese came in small flocks mixed in with the Canada Geese, but were outnumbered 100 to one. Western Meadowlark, European Starlings, and Rock Pigeons were ever present along the fences and pastures. 


Good birding!




  1. Canvasback50
  2. Mallard250
  3. Rough-legged Hawk1
  4. Belted Kingfisher1
  5. Snow Goose5050
  6. American Kestrel5
  7. Western Meadowlark7
  8. Ross's Goose  1517
  9. Cackling Goose75
  10. Canada Goose650
  11. Red-tailed Hawk  2 

License plates:


NEBRASKA:                        COLORADO:

Nebraska: in state                 Colorado: In state

Pennsylvania 1                     Nebraska 3

North Dakota 2                     California 1 

Indiana 15                             Missouri 2

Iowa 9                              Arizona 1

Illinois 5                                 Illinois 1 

Oregon 4

South Dakota 1

Maine 3

Kansas 3

Ohio 2

Missouri 5

California 4

Tennessee 2

Alabama 1

Michigan 2

Texas 1

Idaho 3

Wisconsin 2

Florida 1

Wyoming 1

Colorado 3

Oklahoma 7

Georgia 2

Arizona 1

Minnesota 3

Louisiana 1

North Carolina 1

Montana 1


Ontario 2

Quebec 1