Western Grebe at Rock Island Day One of Colorado Road Trip



Hi all,

Earlier today we stopped off at Rock Island to look for a Western Grebe. We are driving out to Colorado for a ski racing camp, and I wasn't going to let up a state nemesis go by. We pulled off at about 11:00 and got to the river front shortly afterword. We scanned the North side of a riverboat, but no luck. I walked down to the other side of the riverboat, and immediately found it floating about 250 yards out. We took some photos and then turned around and headed back upstream in our car to find a Lesser-black Backed Gull.

Western Grebe

Western Grebe


The Lesser-black Backed Gull wasn't in sight, so I scoped even farther out and found him about 1000 yards out sitting on a long log with about ten Herring Gulls, a good November bird!  We made a quick porta-pottie stop and right before we left, a group of about 100 Mallards flew in.



Within the group was one Wood Duck that looked pretty darn confused.

Wood Duck

Wood Duck

After that we drove back up to check and see if the Western Grebe came any closer, it did, but he was still a ways out as you can tell in my heavily cropped photo. We took more photos and drove off bound west for Colorado. We didn't quiet get there because of the birding, but what matters? We are on the road! I couldn't be any happier. Below are the lists for birds and license plates, (I like keeping numbers on license plates.)


All for now!



Ben Butterworth Parkway, Moline, Rock Island, Illinois, US
Nov 17, 2016 11:46 AM - 12:30 PM
Protocol: Traveling
0.6 mile(s)
9 species

  1. Canada Goose 25
  2. Wood Duck 1
  3. Mallard 50
  4. Western Grebe 1 Photos
  5. Ring-billed Gull 27
  6. Herring Gull (American)  7
  7. Lesser Black-backed Gull1 Seen on usual log, bright yellow legs and dark back.
  8. Rock Pigeon (Feral Pigeon)  6
  9. European Starling 17

License Plates

IOWA:                                      NEBRASKA:           

Iowa                                    Nebraska

South Dakota                      South Dakota

Texas                                  Texas

Colorado                                   Tennessee

Illinois                                  Illinois

Oregon                                Ohio

Minnesota                            Indiana 

Wisconsin                            Minnesota

Louisiana                                   Colorado




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